Press & Media

We invite journalists to cover IROS 2023. Photography and filming will be allowed onsite.

The conference will feature plenaries by world-renowned roboticists, a robot exhibition hall, special sessions, and events, as well as hundreds of technical talks on the state-of-the-art in robotics. A press package will be provided on this website closer to the conference date.

We only share press contacts on a case per case basis. Please email with the subject [media] for more information.


Press Passes

Journalists may request a free press pass by emailing with the subject [media]. Please provide your name, email address, organization, and any ONE of the following credentials:

  • Masthead from a current issue of a technology publication, online publication, or blog listing you as an editorial contributor.
  • Technology article published within the past three months with your byline.
  • Letter from the editor/producer on official letterhead or from a company email address that states you are covering IROS 2023 on assignment.
  • Press photo ID from your media outlet.
  • Business card from your media outlet reflecting your editorial role.

Note: Online media must also provide a recent monthly traffic report from an external demographic tool, like Google Analytics, verifying that the online publication or blog gets 1000 or more unique monthly visitors. The site must be previously established, independent, and regularly updated with original and current technology news. Personal YouTube, Twitter pages, personal blogs, forums, user groups and communities will be considered on a case-by-case basis.


Room Reservations

We will do our best to help facilitate interviews and room reservations. Please forward any requests to with the subject [media] before the conference.


Student Coverage

We also encourage students in robotics to become science communicators. If you would like to help us cover the event, please send a motivation letter and sample writing to with the subject [media].



Attendance at, or participation in, this conference constitutes consent to the use and distribution by IEEE of the attendee’s image or voice for informational, publicity, promotional and/or reporting purposes in print or electronic communications media. No flash photography shall be used.

Video recording by participants and other attendees during any portion of the conference is not allowed without special prior written permission of IEEE. Photographs of copyrighted PowerPoint or other slides are for personal use only and are not to be reproduced or distributed. Do not photograph any such images that are labeled as confidential and/or proprietary.


Amateur Photographers Solicited

If you have taken a great shot at the conference and want to share it with the other conference attendees, send an email to with the subject [media].  In the email, include the photo, the photographer’s name, and a short 1-sentence caption describing the shot (e.g., where it was taken, who is in the photo, etc.).