Presentation Upload Instructions


Each contributed paper or transferred journal paper at IROS 2023 requires a presentation video and graphical abstract to be uploaded to the InfoVaya platform. The materials upload phase will commence on 25 August 2023 and end on 8 September 2023.

  1. Talk Recording

As stated in your acceptance letter, each paper must have a 5-minute pre-recorded presentation for IROS On-Demand. The presentation slides should be identical to what you will present in-person during your oral session (NO additional content can be added). Note this video is different from the supplementary video that you may have previously submitted with your paper, but you can certainly use content from that supplementary video.

Please see below further information on the format your video should be, advice on how to record it and instructions on how to upload it to the InfoVaya platform.

Video Format

  • Video file:MP4
  • Video duration:5 minutes [max]
  • Video file size: 100 MB [max]
  • Video file name: The file name should start with IROS23_ followed by your paper’s 4 digit paperplaza ID (e.g. authors of paper number 505 would upload IROS23_0505.mp4)
  • Video dimension:minimum height 480 pixels HD, aspect ratio 16:9. Zoom (see Video Preparation below) will automatically apply these settings.

Video Preparation

We recommend using Zoom. This will allow you to easily record a compatible, high-quality video from content displayed on your computer screen and voice recorded via the computer microphone.

To use Zoom to capture your video: Create a Zoom meeting where you are the only participant. Start the meeting and share your screen (your presentation slides) and turn on your camera so that your face is visible. Click on “Record” and start recording your video. Showing the speaker’s face is recommended but not mandatory. If you choose to do so, please make sure that the speaker window is on the top right corner of the screen and not covering the slides. You may find the following “IEEE Video Presentation Guidelines” useful:

Presentation Template

We encourage you to (optionally) use the official IROS 2023 powerpoint talk template here:

Audio and Captions

For accessibility, please have captions and a voice over in your video.

You can add captions in the following 2 steps:

(1) Generate an audio transcription of your video (you could do this using Zoom, as explained here:

(2) Burn your captions in your video (you could do this using a free tool like Handbrake ( or Maestra. The following video explains how this could be done (from 4:30):

File Size

You may wish to additionally reduce the file size of your video so that it uploads faster. You could do this via the free tool Handbrake (

(a) Drag and drop your video file into an open Handbrake window.

(b) Click on “Video” and check that the “Constant Quality” has a RF value around 22.

(c) Click on the green “Start” button.

Tips for Making Engaging Videos

Tell a story: Think of your presentation as a short story that hooks the viewer so they read your paper. Keep it engaging and accessible. Your story should cover your goal, motivation, method and results. In 5 minutes you probably can’t go into too much detail, so try not to pack everything in, and limit the amount of content on each slide.

Check your Filming Conditions

Think of your background, make sure it’s appropriate, or use a virtual one if easier. Your head should be centered and should take up much of the frame. Remember this will be a small window on your presentation video. Lighting should be in front of you or slightly to the slide (not behind you). Test your microphone and try to limit background noise and alerts from your phone or computer.

Video Submission

To submit your video (between 25 August and 8 September), please follow the steps below:

(1) Go to

(2) First-time users, click on “Set a new password” and follow the instructions to set your own password.

(3) Log in and click on the title of your paper under “Action Required”. Then, click on the red Edit button.

(4) Select the “Videos” tab. Drag and drop your video file in the “Upload Video” area. Click on “Upload”.

(5) Repeat steps (3) – (4) to upload the videos for all your presentations.

(6) If you need support, please contact the InfoVaya helpdesk at

In case you need to replace your uploaded video with a newer version:

(1) From the Home page, click on your name to go to your Profile page.

(2) Click on your presentation title under “Contributions”.

(3) Click on the red edit button, select the Videos tab, and Delete your existing video.

(4) Upload your new video.

  1. Graphical Abstract

To give attendees a quick idea about your paper at a glance, we also request that you upload an image representative of your work. This can be one of the main Figures in your paper or a collage of key Figures. You could also refer to the article: “Designing an effective graphic abstract” By Alice Chen Kitterman, Science Robotics Vol.6, No.61 ( There is no official template for the graphical abstract but you are welcome to use the color scheme here:

  1. Slides & Poster

Whilst it is optional, we would like to encourage you to add your presentation slides and/or poster for the following reasons:

  • Presentations with uploaded slides attract more views. As a result, your work will receive increased attention.
  • Many researchers who wish to know more about your work may miss your presentations, due to a clash with their own presentations or other commitments.
  • We could use your slides or poster as a contingency plan.



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